Muzan raises tanjiro fanfiction lemon ao3 2. 3K 13 4. Kamado Tanjirou/Kibutsuji Muzan (13) Hashibira Inosuke/Kamado Tanjirou (12) Kamado Tanjirou/Tokitou Muichirou (11) Agatsuma Zenitsu. Tanjiro worked hard in order to support his family. muzanxnezuko. Kotoha is a beautiful woman with raven black hair that fades in to a royal blue color at the tips of her hair with clear emerald-jade eyes. Kamado Tanjiro found himself in a world similar to his but different at the same time. After nearly killing his loved ones, Tanjiro runs away from home to find a way to become human again. Yoriichi took a step and wrapped his arms around Kokushibo’s neck and pulled the other into a hug. . After the final battle with Muzan, a year has passed. Tanjirou x Zenitsu Fanfiction Modern AU I DO NOT OWN THE FANART IN THE COVER, CREDIT TO THE ARTIST. "Father father had passed away several months before the attack. Or, 2 things change with the story of the Kamado family. She walked out of the bathroom with just a single look back and a grin. 3K 16. The Strange Visitor by jellyace888 reviews. Tanjiro lures Muzan away after meeting him once again, intending to take him down when he has the chance. Read the most popular yoriichixmuzan stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. . In a world where love knows no boundaries, Aleena Noor a Bangladeshi girl with an elated heart, dis. Run by the head cousins of both the Kibutsuji and Ubuyashiki family. . Words: 2,868. +9 more. sanemi. # 1. Tanjiro plans to use this power gifted. Bueno, él era una leyenda entre los asesinos hasta que el Pilar del Viento descubrió que no era una leyenda mientras estaba en una misión. The sinful fall,. Tanjiro whose supposed to be saved by the remaining antidote was not enough to awake him in the abyss. Wanting to help your father (Muzan) accomplish his dreams you become a Demon Sl. kny. After being kidnapped and transformed into a vampire against his will, Megumi finds himself held captive by vampires He is forced to be a part of their strange, twisted sense of family and as time goes on his memories of his past and his former family begin to slip away. Dom/sub. And she was fine with that. And then, Tsugikuni Yoriichi was reborn as Tanjiro Kamado, an omega prime. . However, that slowed the momentum of the blade, allowing Tanjirou to quickly recover his wits and kick the man as hard as he could. Wonderful it was as Hakuji’s tongue slid on the underside of his erection while his hand was stroking what wasn’t in his mouth yet. "We must focus on the task at hand. . Hints of Boys Platonic Love (between Rengoku Kyojuro and Kamado Tanjiro) Summary. . . x Reader. +5 more. I don't own demon slayer and in this Muzan and Tanjiro are both the same age. .
. . . . . Ongoing. kaigaku. . Muzan Kibutsuji was an abandoned orphan, left on the side of the road to starve to death when he was taken in by a reluctant family. Tanjiro is the half brother of Kyojuro and Senjuro. . . Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon king, the demon lord, the ruler of all demons. Yoriichi x Reader Y/n and Yoriichi ahve been married for years, before and after yoriichi became a demon slayer, as she is pregnant with a pair of twins. The gods knew it. " Tamayo's stern voice stopped him in his tracks just before he could attack Tanjiro. Good Draco Malfoy. And she hated herself for robbing families of their loved ones for her own survival. Sort by: Hot. . . . And they also knew that only Yoriichi Tsugikuni was capable of killing him. . “I know,” he mumbles. kny. +12 more. ” After about 10 minutes, Muzan came, leaving (y/n) covered in cum and a drooling mess. Tanjiro sliced Upper moon 4's head off as muzan set up a meeting to capture him. Fanfiction: Kimetsu no Yaiba. s. When she is finally called back to the estate by Oyakata-sama's request, she's met.

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